There are many different types of evaluations and reasons to have one completed. This may feel overwhelming and confusing. Please contact Dr. Ashley to discuss the best method of answering the questions you currently have. She can help you to determine the most effective evaluation for your needs.


Autism Assessment and Treatment Program:

If you are concerned that your young child (aged 2-5) may have Autism, dont hesitate to contact Dr. Ashley for more information. Dr. Ashley can provide a comprehensive Autism assessment. Through parent questionnaires, child observations and specific testing measures she can help to clarify your child's diagonsis. Once the testing is completed, she will provide you with a comprehensive report including treatment referrals and recommendations. 

Selective Mutism:

Selective Mutism is an anxiety disorder that occurs when your child speaks well in some environments and not others. Some children, for example, speak well at home but will not speak at school. If you would like more information about Selective Mutism, or are looking to have your child assessed, please contact Dr. Ashley for more information. 

Early Developmental Screenings:

From birth to age three little brains are growing, changing and developing so quickly that it is hard to keep up! Dr. Ashley will be happy to provide you with more information if you are curious to know about your little one's development and/or interested in a developmental screening.

Learning Disabilities:

If you child is struggling academically it may be helpful to have a psychoeducational evaluation completed. This type of evaluation can help to clarify if your child has a learning disabality such as a reading or math disorder. 


If your child struggles with paying attention and following directions in school and at home, or if she is often messy and disorganized, you may be curious to know more about ADHD or ADD. An evaluation for attention deficits can be completed to further clarify her diagnosis. 

Emotional Distress/Trauma:

A psychological evaluation can be completed in order to determine if your child is suffering from anxiety, depression or other emotional challenges that can impact his or her life in many ways.